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I have twenty-four years experience collecting debts on behalf of my clients.  I handle all consumer and commercial accounts.  Some of my clients are landlords who are owed money from their former tenants;   some are individuals owed money on a private loan;   some have obtained judgments in small claims Court but have been unable to collect.  Some may have a monetary dispute with a contractor.  I also represent a number of businesses and professionals who have provided goods or services but have not been paid.

Much like a conventional collection agency, I reach out to your debtor by mail and by telephone to obtain a pay arrangement. Unlike a collection agency, your debtor sees that I am a local attorney, all correspondence is on my law firm letterhead, and the biggest difference is that as necessary, I will file suit against your debtor, go to Court on your behalf, obtain a judgment – in short, whatever it takes! 

The best part is that I am paid only when I collect on your behalf.   As we say, if there is no collection, there is no fee. 

Call 215-230-8800 or e-mail me today for further information.

“I’m so impressed with Scott’s service. I had three matters he helped me with and each worked out very well. I even noted the professionalism and respect he had for the people he was helping me collect from. He’s a top quality attorney and really knows his area well. I’d use him again in a second, he’s my guy, for sure!”

Chad S.

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