Unemployment Compensation

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Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment Compensation is a unique and highly specialized area of the law. Many employees and employers routinely find themselves in the unfortunate position of being adverse to their former co-worker following separation from employment.

Terminated employees should immediately file for benefits on-line. Provided they are able and available for work, an initial determination is made as to whether the employee is eligible under the applicable sections of the Unemployment Compensation statute. A common issue is whether the employee has been terminated for “willful misconduct”. If not, they will generally be eligible for benefits. The Commonwealth will issue a written Notice of Determination with a brief explanation as to why the employee is or is not granted benefits.

In either event, the aggrieved party has the right to file an appeal, requesting a Hearing before an Unemployment Compensation Referee. It is at this point that most employees and employers seek legal advice.

An experienced attorney can help you prepare for the Referee’s Hearing and emphasize the facts and present the legal arguments that are to your advantage. On the contrary, it can be a tremendous disadvantage to walk into the Hearing room and see an attorney on the other side when you are unrepresented.

I have represented both employers and employees in nearly 100 Referee’s Hearings and am very proud of my track record. Representation is provided on a fixed fee basis and initial consultations are at no charge.

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“I hired Mr. Feldman 6 months ago to represent me in an unemployment hearing and I was extremely pleased with his work. He was knowledgeable and well prepared, He was confident and was very professional in the court room and always treated me with respect. He was a pleasure to work with and I would absolutely use his services again in the future.”

Julie A.

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