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Landlord & Tenant

The quote to the left is a cute and clever expression to be sure.  Like most such expressions, however, it does contain a kernel of truth. 

In Pennsylvania, the Magisterial District Justices have exclusive jurisdiction over Landlord and Tenant matters. I am well known to many of the District Justices and their administrative staff and appear regularly in their Courtrooms.   

I have successfully represented both landlords and their tenants for over twenty years.   I have experience managing commercial properties and represent several large residential apartment complexes, regularly advising their rental managers and corporate personnel.

Landlord and tenant transactions are an important area of the law.  It requires knowledge of contracts, real estate law and a lot of experience.  I can help you in most every landlord and tenant matter, whether it involves rents, neighbor disturbances, renewal issues or repairs.  I   successfully litigated disputed issues such as the implied warranty of habitability, return of security deposit and non-rent lease violations.

I have also saved my clients a lot of money by reviewing and/or revising their Lease Agreement before they sign. 

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“We use Mr. Feldman for all of our Landlord/Tenant issues. He is always courteous and goes that extra mile to answer any questions for both us and our residents. Mr. Feldman takes a genuine interest and pride in his work.”

Melissa F.

Do I need an attorney before I sign a Residential Lease?